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Hey guys not going to make a big dragging post, you guys know whats up!

These lobbies allow you to: boost your level in MW easily, level up your battle pass with ease, and obtain any skin you desire after completing the existing challenges!

This lobby will contain 10 bots on the enemy team for you to kill to complete camo challenges!

Half an hour FROZEN BOTS: $20 (3k + kills)
One whole hour FROZEN BOTS: $40 (6k + kills easily more)
Half an hour UNFROZEN BOTS: $7.50 (500 - 1k kills)
One whole hour: UNFROZEN BOTS: $15 (1k - 3k kills)


Prices have been updated according to the functionality of the lobbies!
Lobbies have changed a bunch while I've been hosting, at the moment there will be prices for FROZEN BOTS and UNFROZEN BOTS.
The prices will vary for each because of the process of me hosting them, it takes some work to host these days it isn't as easy as a couple months ago!

Still very very cheap and I also offer camo packages just inquire in my PMs!

Have fun guys!

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Legit! Got me in quick and i was able to get mastery emblems insanely quick. Infinite ammo is nice as well lol
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Huge vouch!!

Best prices and super easy to deal with. Smoothest lobby I've been in <3
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Absolutely legit! One of the best lobbies I've been in since MW2. Lots of fun! Thanks bro, definitely gonna be buying again!
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awesome service-trusted him and hes legit 100%
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Have found the perfect settings guys!
16k kills in an hour guaranteed! just make sure you don't get a high killstreak to be safe please!

Still going for a while longer till i'm off for a couple hours!
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Can i get 1 hour?
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Running a 4 hour lobby for one person if anyone is keen!

$30 for the lobby hit me up im sure this will be very sought out for!
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Im interested in purchasing, do you accept venmo?
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