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Xbox or PlayStation.
What is your preferred console?
Also why is it your go to console?

Are you going to get new gen console and if so what one are you going to get?


PlayStation 5

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Xbox. Only because of how much I've invested into it and the console exclusive games lmao. The community is way more toxic though and that's the worst part. I don't think I'll buy the new console this time around. Not until my current console is fried. They go up in price like iPhones now and I can't see myself spending that much for a console with just a few upgrades. I'm fine with the One
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I wouldn't buy either but if I had to choose I would go with the Xbox. The PS5 looks ugly af to me. I wouldn't want that in my living room.
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Kind of hard to decide right now since we've only seen one of the two, but I will most likely stick with Xbox since most of the games will still be playable and my progress saves
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I would stick with Xbox as most of my friends are on this console. I also have my account stacked with a lot of stuff in various games.
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been loyal to xbox ever since i switched from ps2 LOL, so xbox it is
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Eh depends, The specs on the Xbox seems better and the look of it also looks better.

I don't have much progress anymore since I lost my old xbox account and my playstation account is currently in someone elses possession.

May wait and make a final decision but currently more leaning towards Xbox since it just seems better and the controller is nice.

However im willing to bet that more people will purchase the PS5 since there were more PS4 users.

Unless a big content creator highly advocates for Xbox i doubt they will beat playstation this time around.

Maybe next gen
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Umilz wrotebeen loyal to xbox ever since i switched from ps2 LOL, so xbox it is

haha i did the same switch, PS2 to 360 to PS4 to Xbone.

Just hoping Xbox fixes their shit this time lol
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If I had to choose a console it would be PS4 I have an ease to play on it compared to the xbox
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Xbox for sure. Reliable and trusted
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