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Hello all I'm the con!

Hovered around here for a while and decided to join )))

Anyway I have a issue can somebody please help me it's draining me!!!

I bought a new wired Xbox one controller, and when I plug any headset into it, in Xbox party it's perfectly fine

But when ever I load cod or Fifa, like cod game chat

It automatically dims by actual voice volume, it sounds like I'm stood miles from my headset! I've never come across anything like this it's so strange, any ideas?

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Xbox (06-10-2020)
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First welcome to TheTechGame

Hope you enjoy your stay and if you have any questions PM me and I'll try my best to help you out.

As for the headset game chat is just shit, at least on cod for me I almost have to deep throat my mic for it to pick up but I'm sure I can tweak it in settings better.

Anyways hope to see ya around, maybe swing by the shoutbox im sure more people could help you out.

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