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Selling prime Dalglish just because he was very average, barely scored online and my Untradeable TOTS Vardy was miles better... with the coins I can get TOTS Auba, Aguero or Richarlison who all seem to be quite good.

I've ruled aguero out because he's got the stocky body type, no outside the foot shot trait etc...

Who would you go for, TOTS Auba or Richarlison?

If anyone's used both and can vouch it would be mich appreciated, Aubameyang has Perfect Work rates, outside the foot shot trait, better stats all around but Richarlison isn't far behind with 5* weak foot so I'm struggling. Especially since I got Dalglish as I though the 5* WF would be deadly and it wasn't what I expected.

Can anyone help?
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Ive used Aguero and Auba, but not Richarlison. I personally found Aguero to be far better than Auba. I know you ruled him out but he may be stocky but he is small, and with Architect he has 99 strength with 93 Agility and 99 Balance. He was like a little pit bull for me and was very clinical.
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I'd go with Richarlison, don't think Aubameyang is great on Fifa 20
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Ive used 91 aguero for over 400 games and love him, but if you got the money go richarlson he is more the meta type for fifa 20.
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