PlayStation 5Possible price leak?Posted:

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Xur (06-10-2020)
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Damn that's almost 700 USD.. no way that can be accurate right?
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3CH wroteDamn that's almost 700 USD.. no way that can be accurate right?

I would hope not. I understand they're pretty powerful consoles coming out but that's a little crazy.
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No chance if this is accurate I'm saving for a Gaming PC
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im so glad ive recently built a pc...
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Ehhh take the money sony gimmme console
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definitely not gonna buy that for 800..
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My guess is there will be a few price points for the PS5, due to storage options etc, if this is a 2TB SSD version it could well be true, those drives are not cheap no matter where you go.
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Wouldnt surprise me if it cost that much, considering how powerful its meant to be, plus 2tb ssd is expensive anyway
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Hardly surprised if it is £600 for 2TB. I mean, when the PlayStation 4 Pro was released, it was £450 for 1TB.
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