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Sheesh how time goes by so quickly...just want to briefly give a huge thanks to this community. Though it may not be the same as it used to be back in the day, TTG is still an amazing platform that brings together wonderful people from all walks of life. For the generation of users new to this website, or have joined within the last couple years and remain active...thank you. Thank you for keeping this memory of mine alive and the history of TTG still thriving online to this day.

Through this website I have met countless people online that I still keep in contact with on a regular basis. Its just amazing the impact of things as small as a website have on people, including myself so major thanks to Sean as well for this creation but mainly you the community and its moderation team.

ps. I know im a few months late but hey...11 years only comes around once!

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I like that
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josiah wroteI like that
i like that too
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Congrats on 11 years bro.

As you said, time does fly by and the people you meet on this website turn into mates for life.
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Congrats on 11 years that's a mad amount of time
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Congrats OG on 11 years!
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Shesssh thats alot bro congrats !
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Grats on 11 Years bro!!
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Gz fren
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Happy 11 years!
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