Steam Accounts[SELLING] CSGO Tradebanned account $3.1k InventoryPosted:

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Hello, I have decided to sell my shadowbanned account with a $3,100+ Inventory value.

The account is not Prime.

OGE Is not included however it has a 600+ day old .maF file with full access of account as this was a previous CSGOReaper Bot.

Price: £225Bin

Only accepting BTC.

If you would like more info please PM with POF.


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is it only trade banned? can you still play comp and cas?
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Oh man this is a nice account, if only I had the funds to drop...

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Kinda sketchy , only accepting btc and the account doesnt come with original email... Hmmm
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If you actually think you're gonna get close to 225 you're out of your mind. Because it's trade banned and has such a sketchy history it's basically worthless mate.
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