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Hi guys,

So as I start working professionally and continuing my love for gaming, I have decided to get my first PC.

My main focus for it will be my professional work stuff, but I want to be able to game on it as well.

Here is what I have been looking at, but would love some feedback.

Thanks XD
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This is terrible, some of the worst specs I've seen in a while for $1450. I hope you haven't bought this already. F in chat if so. Are you interested in building yourself?
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Would definitely recommend building.. If you can afford that you can afford something a lot LOT better. Those specs would run you about 800-950 USD.
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you mine as well lurk around fb marketplace you'll get something dope for this much lol
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Yeah, as stated that is about $500 over-priced for what it is. Nowhere near a $1500 system.

I would be building a system, your money will go A LOT further that way. However, if you're set on buying a pre-built, you'd still be able to find something far better than that. Ryzen pre-builts are typically better value than Intel, and a Ryzen CPU is going to be better for your use case anyway.

So, what I would do, is start looking at pre-builts with R7 3700x's. You should get one <$1300 with an RX 5700XT pretty easily I would think. RTX 2060 should be a little cheaper, 2070 will probably be a little more expensive.
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I know everyone is advising you to avoid paying the price for this machine already, however let me tell you from a personal perspective - the Dell XPS machines are not worth their price at all. We have a few in work deployed, they are nothing but trouble.
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I strongly reccomend you build your PC because you can customize it the way you want and you won't be scammed with the absurd prices for shit specs.

Not only is it cheaper but since you built it you'll have a better understanding of the pc for future repairs and if you purchase the warranty's for each part you won;t have the hassle of dealing with whatever shit brand is scamming you.
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