PC SupportIs this a good cpu cooler?Posted:

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Im looking to get a water cooler but im not trying to spend a lot on one
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A lot of higher end air coolers will out perform cheap AIO liquid coolers.
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Just by clicking on the link i see its had two reviews 1 of which was 0 stars, i'd dig a bit deeper on reviews then see if it's worth the price
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No. Rosewill just makes cheap junk.. Want proof, look at their case designs. For $99 USD you can buy literally the best air coolers on the market that would put that thing in the dust.
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it's late but if u havent purchased one yet look into the corsair one's i bought one for 120 and it worked really good

I dont think this is the one i exactly had, think I just had the h100i non pro and it was 120 and worked as expected

and as the people above said, always look at reviews before anything, that cooler had 2 reviews so I wouldn't reccomend, it may be good but the lack of 3rd party information scares me .
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