GeneralXbox live is down AGAINPosted:

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Yet again Xbox live is down, no friends online and party's won't connect how fun
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What is wrong with XBL it's always going down..
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Is it down me and my mates have not had any problems all day
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Im guessing its down, cant log into my profile to get onto xbonline now. Xbonline also went into freemode lmao

UPDATE: It fixed itself so now im online with no issues lol

UPDATE #2: Yeah xbl might be down because now its not registering my time for xbonline lol
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Ive been having trouble with my friends list and stuff
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Had the problem last night, apparently I had no friends online, also could not connect to party or I was stuck with 'Connecting'. Seems to be alright now though.
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Not had any issues whatsoever...
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I think it's okay now
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MRCL wroteNot had any issues whatsoever...

Was for sure something up with it last night, but as said above it seems alright now.
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i seem to be having these problems all the time
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