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I only play warzone have a rtx 2070 super what does anyone recommend budget of 350 maybe 400 144hz ips preferred just for playing warzone mainly
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nffchay wrotebudget of 350 maybe 400

350 to 400 what?
What is your currency?
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Depends on what you call "best."
Do you care for a more cinematic view? Go with OLED.
Do you care for color accurate? IPS
Do you care entirely for FPS? TN
Do you care about curved monitors for some god forsaken reason? I just recommend against it.

Depends on the size, refresh rate, and panel type. Then look at your price tags. OLED the most expensive, but the most beautiful. IPS will give you clarity and beauty, but won't stack to the highest FPS output. TN however will look washed out to hell, maybe even a hard yellow/blue tint to the monitor...BUT the best FPS output possible.
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