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I am thinking of a career change. From a qualified painter and decor to going into the army. I just want some opinions on what it's like and any helpful information.

Been thinking on it quite abit now I'm 21 and from the UK. Really just want to know am I doing the right thing. As my job right now is full time.

As I said above any info or what it's like please let me know!

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I'm in the army in the USA and honestly if you think you are ready if you want to push yourself past your own expectations and shoot for the stars go for it man itll be a great thing for you (:
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Do what truly makes you happy and you have a passion for! I really agree with what the user above said as well. Thank you to everyone who serves or has served!
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I'm currently in the Army in the US, current on 7 years with a break in service.

I'm not sure how the Army is in the UK, however depending what your MOS(your job) is in the army here. You'll either Hate your life or enjoy it.

I did 2 deployments. 1 to Iraq and 1 to Afghanistan. Best times of my life.

However it's definitely a change of pace. It'll give you experience for your future and discipline.
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