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Hey what's up everyone I'm new here. I'm in to gaming and computers. Hopefully I can make some new friends here

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Bforquer wroteHey what's up everyone I'm new here. I'm in to gaming and computers. Hopefully I can make some new friends here


Make sure to take a look at the rules.

thetechgame is a wonderful community and i am sure you will make many friends.

I hope to see you around the forums.
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Welcome to TTG
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Welcome to the site bro
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Welcome to TTG! A ton of great people on here!
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Welcome to TTG man!
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Join us in the shoutbox :3 Members_Shout.html
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Welcome to TTG! It's a great site.
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Hey what's up, welcome to ttg. Hope you enjoying being active on the forum or stopping by the shoutbox :hype:
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Welcome to TTG man!
I hope to see you around!
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