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Starting today, we are enforcing stricter rules to our sellers to alleviate potential risk with our buyers.

  • All sales are to be done on site ONLY. This rule is going to be heavily enforced. Sellers are required to start and complete their sales via the Private Messaging System.

  • Members are to report any off-site contact information shared by the seller.

  • Sellers who share any off-site contact information will IMMEDIATELY lose their PM privileges for a week, repeat offenses will exponentially increase their PM suspension and will also be subject to account suspension.

Trusted Sellers are the only users to sell off-site. All trusted sellers are REQUIRED to keep their threads up-to-date and close when they are backlogged / unable to take requests. Trusted Sellers are required to check in minimum of once per week and no less. It is preferred that Trusted Sellers keep all sales on-site but they have been given permission to do so off-site if needed.

Trusted Sellers are also enforced to enable 2FA on their account. We will do random checks to ensure that it is enabled on your account. If 2FA is disabled, you will lose your Trusted Seller badge until you can enable 2FA and verify it is you.

Seller Verification:

If you have doubts prior to purchase, feel free to drop me a Private Message regarding the current sale and I will gladly look into the seller to confirm or deny if we have any record of that user. NOTE: I confirm any current information I have regarding the seller. This does not prove the seller is 100% legitimate. If the sale is too good to be true, it probably is.


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Previous rules that stay in place:

  • Gaming-related content only
  • All contact is to be kept strictly onsite; this is to allow staff the ability to take action should a dispute occur
  • Prices can be listed on a user's topic or post however the payment method itself cannot; please keep this to IMs/PMs this rule applies to both buyers and sellers.
  • Users cannot link third-party websites for selling their goods (Craigslist, eBay, PlayerAuctions ect)
  • Do not seek staff or users to act as a middleman for a trade; if you don't feel comfortable commencing a trade then don't

    Prohibited Content
  • Social media "services" (Botting, viewing, following, etc.)
  • Google accounts / Youtube channels
  • Netflix accounts, spotify (or similar) accounts
  • Botting services of any kind
  • Ebooks or "Make quick money" methods
  • Microsoft product codes (Windows, Office, etc.)
  • Programs (.exe)

When buying or selling add [Buying] or [Selling] at the start of your thread title to help users looking for threads.

When selling an account the following format must be listed on your thread:

For Selling an Xbox or PSN account.
Account age:
Gamertag / Name:

Gamertag / names can have a letter blocked to protect it.
Photos for proof are required

For Selling a Steam account.
Account age:
Profile Url:

For any other account like Epic, Origin etc try and give as much detail as possible.

You can put items up for offer if you do not wish to set a price.
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