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Finally earned a new badge. One that I feel broke on, but glad I could bless
this site for its continuation of being my second family.

I am blessed to get to know some of you more than Id ever thought
just by talking on and off site.

I love my shoutbox peeps. I wouldnt be here without them stupid people

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Congrats bud! u deserve it
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Damn bro you've got a mad collection of badges! Congrats bro

I'm gonna start going for badges I think brings some life to a profile visit
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Congratulations on the new shiny badge, welcome to the blind club.
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Congrats on blind gifter!
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Congrats bud. We got that landscape money
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Congrats man!
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Congratulations ;)

I'm working on my 30th badge as well
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Congratulations on your new badge!
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Congratulations on your new badge, it's looking nice!
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