Do you think MW3 is going to be remastered?

30.77% (4 votes)
69.23% (9 votes)

Total Votes: 13

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Well I was doing some surfing in the web, and came across an article the speculated MW3 being remastered, I then took that and refined my search. I then found another article that talks about the game and gave even more detail. You can find more at:
Here is a video with updates about the game:

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I didn't really enjoy modern warfare 3 as I did other call of duties so i'd probably just skip it
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At this point they might aswell just remaster every call of duty.
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Would definitely rather BO2 than MW3
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Would be nice if they did as I actually enjoyed MW3 a lot!
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Mw3 had its good things but there was a couple of things i Really Couldn't stand. Awareness Pro, Recon flash grenade spam on SnD. the 3/4 scorestreak abuse (using uav/ballistic vest no 3rd scorestreak and just have infinite ballistic vest.) Time will tell though. Had some pretty decent maps.
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I would love to see MW3 get remastered, it was one of the last few Call of Dutys I enjoyed.
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Rather see BO1 remastered to WAW
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They neeed to stop doing remasters and start making good CoD again but that's my opinion
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I say if they are gonna remaster another cod it'll be 1 of the blackops
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