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This always goes into a debate but just wondering which one did you or still enjoy ? Feel free to comment

My fav call of duty is black ops 1

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Bo3 definitely
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One of the most hated Call of Duty's is my favorite, Advanced Warfare.
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MW2 will always be the OG everything about it was so good, but BO2 and MW3 was right up there behind it
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100000% MW2 with Cod4 being close to it.
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Mw2 but warzone is really growing on me
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Has to be MW2. The whole gameplay was just so so good to play. All them years ago coming in from school and straight onto the game all night, memories for sure!
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MW2 the peak of COD
Good old days
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Black ops 2 or 4.

Black ops 4 I just genuinely loved, so much time in that game!
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