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Ok so with a clickbait title, lets remove 90% of you by saying this is a PC build log.


Cool. So for those who's left, welcome. Hope everyone is well and good in these rather odd times that we're currently living in.

I'm using this time to better myself by exerc.... HA who am I kidding, I'm just throwing it into computer parts and hoping we all live at the end of it. The general plan is to get a custom loop done and built in time for Nvidia's new 3000 series to come out which I can then buy a new GPU and drop it into the loop because that seems logical doesn't it.. Finally watercooling a 4 year old GPU for absolutely no reason.

PC Parts list
CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 3600 [Purchased]
GPU:Nvidia Geforce 1080 [Purchased]
RAM:16GB Corsair LPX 2666Mhz [Upgrading]
Motherboard: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon X370 [Purchased]
PSU:EVGA P2 850W [Purchased]
Case: Anidees Crystal Cube Lite [Purchased]

Watercooling Parts List
Radiators: 2 X EK-CoolStream PE 240 Dual [Purchased]
Pump & Res: EKWB EK-XRES 100 [Purchased]
CPU Block:EKWB Velocity AMD AM4 Nickel/Plexi [Purchased]
GPU Waterblock:EKWB FC1080 FTW [Purchased]
Tubing:EK-HD PETG Tube [Purchased]
Liquid:Mayhems X1 ECO 1L UV Purple Premixed [Purchased]
Fittings:Various EK fittings might change over time [Purchased]

Current Build Status
Most parts have come. Just awaitng on 90 degree fitting. Build started

Build Log starts

Ok so whilst we're waiting on parts, I can't actually do a whole lot. With Scan saying they have warehouse delays and waiting on the GPU block from Ebay seller, my hands are tied to what I can actually do. I've started stripping the case since HDD cage needed to come out and cables re routed but for now, I'll leave you with a picture of my PC from a week ago when I got bored and mounted the AIO in the front...

After a bit of screaming to Scan, I ended up getting my parts. I've had to order more 90 degrees connectors from Ebay and Amazon as well as some other misc parts such as a UV light from CableMod.

Whilst I have most items, I can't actually start bending tubes since a lot of the horrible runs requires the 90 degree connectors so today, I've mounted the pump in a location that it shouldn't be in and the radiators just so I can get an idea of how it's going to look, the runs needed and if I actually have the space to do what I need.

Test fit of GPU block

Mandatory "Hey look, I spent money" picture

Pump mounted but required drilling 4 new holes into case to fit

Due to screwing in pump at the bottom of the case, the screws for it now fouls the case feet so it at to be cut out... nicely HA

Basically perfect

That does it for now. I have installed the radiators but run out of good lighting to take pictures. I'm expecting everything else to arrive on Monday so that's when hopefully I can start filling the loop unless I inevitably break something.

Cheeky preview shot


Ok, so still waiting for the 90 degree fittings which should be arriving tomorrow. In the mean time, I felt the GPU block, being 2nd hand, could do with a bit of a polish. I did go over it with soap and water before taking pictures and it didn't do too much apart from remove the previous owners brown ish residue. So with that, here's some pictures!
GPU with it just arrived. No cleaning done. Sorry for bad picture, I didn't have another reference picture before I started going ham with polish.

Pass 1

Pass 2

Pass 3

Pass 4

Pass 5

Back side original

Backside pass 1

It's not perfect by any means but is way better than it was originally. I didn't realize how bad it was till I got to pass 4 and it really did start shining through. Only tools used was some car buffering polish and a microfiber cloth and a tooth brush for the main channel.

Still unsure what routes my tubes are going to go. Might do a quick purchase of more incase I don't like it going one way or I screw up which is highly likely. Till tomorrow...


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Definitely looking forward to how this progresses!
Fun little project for this lockdown, I'm jealous tbh
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Thread updated

Hey, I blame you for this. Unsure why but I do anyway haha. We're always going on about a full loop and I guess things just fell into place and I pulled the trigger. That and Craig saying I always say I want to purchase things but never do so screw him now ^^

It's keeping me occupied during these times which is just what I need even though it's a costly hobby...
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Ahh dear where to start. It's basically a month from when I last updated this thread. Ok so quickly, I'll list what broke during that time:

Dell 4K super duper nice panel
Crucial SSD

So April wasn't a very good month for me. My main 4K Dell HDR panel decided to nuke itself so now I'm down a monitor. Back to watercooling though, I was waiting for fittings from Ebay since the 2nd of April and they arrived May 1st after re-shipping the order. Royal mail decided to loose the package...

Anywho, I got bored of waiting so I decided to start without the correct fittings... this went well...
This is how my PC lived for about a month untill the fittings arrived after I burned through 3 meters worth of tubing trying to learn and figure out how to bend correctly

So the fittings came. I was waiting on 90* fittings to help along the way. With these here, I tried again at bending.. this didn't live up to my OCD expectations and was a bit... well... shit

Not happy, I bought another £180's worth of fittings, tubing and misc items. I just want to say that my God is Overclockers and DPD just amazing. Even with this pandemic going on, I waited a maximum of 2 days for an order to arrive my house. Better than Royal Mail huh!

So with this, we arrive to this week. I finally managed to get a build together after re-doing every bend and every run. I bought a proper bending kit and a deburrer tool. This with a few other tips like using soap to lubricate the insert helped with the bends dramatically and I feel like I've aced the technique after a good 9 meters of bends! Here's where we stand currently and some misc pics

Re done my thermal pads from when I originally swapped them back in what.. 2016/7?

New 1TB Sabrent SSD. Yes it's PCIE 4.0 but that'll come in useful later This means I ditched all SATA based storage and now fully M.2.

I think this took about 2 hours to get to this state. It's quite tiring but well worth it when it all comes together

Original test fitting where a leak sprung an hour into it on the GPU. Excuse the mess... Also, to note, this is what the final liquid colour will be. I've just run out currently
Current Frontside

Current backside

So, it's currently working but I'm not happy with it. More coolant is on it's way and I want to do the bend from the CPU to GPU again. Not to mention I need PSU cables to match the rig and set up the UV led.

I'll update this soon with more glam shots when the build is somewhat finished... until the summer when RTX 3000 series comes out
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Your tubing hurts my eyes....

Looks like you are using your rona time well!
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Hey, new day new update. So I got bored and decided to make some changes / improvements.

A couple of 45* fittings arrived to the bottom rad can be colour matched. Also got some new fluid since I ran out before. Here's the final pictures of this build I guess..until Zen 3 & 3080ti

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