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HEY all, im Conway and im new around here..

I say im new, im not..ive been hovering around forums for years upon years but never made accounts, I know what goes on im active daily, so I feel like a new OLD member lol.

finally made an account as I think I can help and educate others, and also get helped... firstly

thanks for everybodies welcomings, but im curious

im about to buy an apple watch, its a series 3, as theyre still used a lot in 2020 and still very good n active plus im not interested in the latest n greatest

but, whats difference between GPS and celluer?

I want the watch to be able to be used outdoors, get my texts, get my whats apps etc etc

which one do I need? one costs more and im not sure why, but I want the cheapest, I just want the series 3 not the top spec grade A , just a casual series 3 I can use daily and out the house ( when we're not locked down)

thanks all

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Hey man welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy your stay bud.

Come have a chat with everyone in the shoutbox
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Cellular works without having your phone nearby, if you don't get a cellular one you need to have you phone in your pocket or around the same area w you to be able to access notifications.
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Welcome to TTG enjoy your stay and i hope to see you around. There are a lot of wonderful people in this forum. Hopefully you get to meet some of us
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Hey! Welcome to TTG.

Make sure to read the Rules.

Also, come hang out with us in the Shoutbox.
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Welcome to The Tech Game mate!
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I replied to the other topic regarding the Apple Watch, but welcome to the site buddy!
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Welcome to the site!
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Welcome to TTG @conway2363
u can find a little of everything here~!
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