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Hello, I'm just asking for help getting started with my jailbroken PS3. I recently purchased a 4.85 Rebug CEX and it came with homebrew like MultiMan, Rebug Toolbox but no games.

I know the PS3 modding scene is more or less dead and I always wanted to get a jailbroken console and it is only now since I got that opportunity.

I'd like to get modding as soon as I can however I do not know how to install games onto the PS3. One of my main concerns is sourcing a game such as one of the old Call of Duty's. I don't know where to get a reliable ISO download or a matter of fact how to even start the process. I've watched a few videos such as MODDED WARFARE's videos which are helpful however I can't find a download anywhere. On top of this issue I'd also have a couple of more further questions about starting off on my jailbroken console for those who can help me out.

Thank you.
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Download PSNStuff, this will allow you too install games via PKG and RAP files. You will also need ReactPSN or PSNPatch

More than happy too run you through the process or plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to do so.
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I also have the same issue i dont have a clue what im doing i got the pkg file and rap file for gta5 i installed it after hoirs of waiting then installed and it wont even show the game as download i need help too if anyone can add me @MattysMods
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