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Hello! I'm new to this site, and don't know how the Xbox community here is made up of, but whatever. I'm looking for the source code for either the NXE or Pre-NXE Dashboard source code if anyone has it, because my family doesn't really consist of PC gamers, they're all used to console, especially the NXE/Pre-NXE era where they were younger, so I was thinking to maybe give them a PC with a modified x86-64 version of the NXE or Pre-NXE dashboard, with my own servers if they want to download games. I WILL buy the games and then put it on the server for our own personal use, I do not condone piracy. So if anyone here has the source code, please comment the link to the download. Thank you guys!
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I'm not sure the official source is available, or if anyone would give it to you if they did have it for that matter. This is the source for freestyle dashboard which is a homebrew dash, it can be skinned to look like the blades dash and stuff like that though.
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