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My girlfriends brother plays for the Raptors so we get tickets to all the home games which is actually really cool cause its something we can enjoy together but..

I was just wondering who the most famous person you've met was?
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didn't meet but I saw Bad Bunny
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I met the band mates of CKY!
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Ziggy Marley, he's Bob Marley's son.

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I've met Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry (if they count) then Dappy when I was younger
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Dalm wroteI've met Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry (if they count) then Dappy when I was younger
the queen and prince don't count not famous >
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IV meet Chris Slade drummer of AC/DC, Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin, and Five Finger singer Ivan Moody.
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I've not really met anyone famous I've seen famous people but other than that, no one:(
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The most famous person I met was Neil Patrick Harris. He even said hi to me. I met him at my job when I worked for DIsney.
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Michael Franzese is the most "famous" person I've met/actually. I had seen Jack Black at E3 last year, but I didn't personally get to start a conversation other than a "sup dude" met with a head nod by him, so I'm not counting that. Anyways, Michael is not really a celebrity or anything of the sort, dude has a book, dude does public speaking but he's ex-capo for the Colombo family. Buddy of mine wanted to stop at one of his book signings for some damn reason, we went there since there was a liquor store nearby for me to at least re-up on. Something gets said where my surname is said out loud within hearing distance of him, dude basically jumps up and says he knew a guy with that surname, asks if it's my father, I tell him "no, my father was a complete limp dick, so no way in hell would that guy be knowing anyone like you." Asked him about the tattoos and scars the guy he's talking about had, after he described and confirmed what I asked, told him it was my grandfather. Turns out when Michael was out scamming the American government out of taxes for gas, Russian mob guys and KGB agents were all over that, taking money from America over to the Soviet Union, forget about it. He said he loved having the Russians working for him because they weren't afraid of the American prison system because it was like day care compared to the gulags or just simply being executed.

I always suspected my grandfather was in some sort of shady ass business, I mean, the dude was always pulling money out of his ass whenever things got tough, he got me an American passport/citizenship like it was nothing before I even knew about America as a country and got the stepping stones for me to get my Czech as well, and he was ultimately killed by having a hit put out on him and taking a few bullets through the back of his head. Michael basically confirmed what I suspected for years, just I didn't think my grandfather was ever over here pulling some sort of string with Italian-Americans, but I guess it makes sense. Regardless, I've met up with Michael a few times, dude is such a goddamn great story teller about his past life, he'll throw the most left curve jokes that you don't know if he's being serious or not but I love the energy/aura around the guy. Calm as can be, very stoic personality, very confident in the way he sits and presents him, a fantastic poker face - I'm someone that has been complimented on my poker face, but I nearly feel intimated by his poker face - through all that, he still has the look not to cross him, because he'll lay your ass out and I love that man, shit seriously reminds me of my grandfather. Other than that, dude is the sweetest guy you'll meet when he gets talking to his actual family, his father (guy was 102 years old I believe, still mentally functioning at peak level, but sadly he died not even a month ago,) his wife and kids and him talking about trying to help others get out of shitty situations or turning their life around because he's vehemently against people falling into that sort of life or anything like it since it ruins families one way or another. I'm not exactly a religious person, he is, and I'm glad he found God in a way where he feels it gave him the strength to turn his life around fully for his family, almost makes me want to get out of my own bullshit in life, almost, but not there yet lol
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