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I have just hit 3k rep! 9 Years tomorrow..
Thank you to 40, DTx, Dalm, RS, Moonshine and everyone else.

I'm sorry if I missed you out, just want you to all know that I appreciate you all.

Long story short, I respect you all! oh and btw, only a few people know (Sean, DDCODING, Dalm) but, I do have coronavirus and currently self isolating. I will beat this virus, but who knows what the future has planned for me.

Respect! <3

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Congrats brother! Big achievement! Always got your back bro! Big love <3
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Congrats on the 3k rep man, next is 4k!!!
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Grats on 3k Rep Man!
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Congrats on 3k rep! And hope you feel better soon, you're in my prayers bro.
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Congratulations on 3k rep! Took me a long time to get 1k for myself lol
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Congrats brother that is awesome
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9 years on TTG now! No point in making a new topic.
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Get well soon and happy 9 years! We have similar birthdays for ttg cx
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Congrats mate!
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