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I have had trouble for the past few months but I sort of ignored it but lately, it's gotten worse. Especially in Division 2 however, it also appears quite commonly in FiveM


Screen tear

Haven't really looked at what to do to fix it as I genuinely have no idea, any help is much appreciated
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If you are playing on DX11 then switch it to DX12, and If you are on DX12 switch to DX11.
So basically reinstall the game and switch the DirectX to the opposite one, also just be sure that windows is up to date and look into your Uplay settings.
Other options is update graphics and disable fullscreen optimization, hopefully this helps.
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Always makes me happy to see people using Speccy.

Doesn't really look like tearing, looking more like artifacting and lag. Considering how many reports I've heard now of the 5700, it wouldn't surprise me if that GPU honestly is your whole problem. I'd start looking into either an RMA or returning it and going for a 2070, 2070 Super or 2080.
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