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I mean, my mom and dad hate me spending so much time playing video games and watching tv, but I'm one of the smartest kids in my school. All I watch on tv is the history channel and discovery channel. How can these be bad for your brain? And the video games have hidden things that parents don't see. For instance, world war 2 games teach u about general tactics of the war, weapons, battles, and leaders. Mmorpgs keep u from being completely out of touch with the world if all u do is play video games as well as to learn about other cultures in a way where u don't have the discrimination u might have if they are really there next to u. Real time strategy games teach u to think on it feet and to respond to a situation in the fastest and best way possible. Puzzle games strain ur problem solving skills.

I'll stop there even though I could say something for almost every genre.

So I don't see how video games could be bad for u. But then yet again, I am biased towards video games not being bad for u. I'd like other peoples opinions

OH, I almost forgot. My mom and dad say video games literally kill brain cells. Is this true or are they just trying to get me to not play video games?

Thanks for ur time.
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Videogames are fine. Some might even be good for you. I learned a majority of my programming skills from playing games like Minecraft and wanting to mod them. I now have a bachelors degree and a somewhat decent job; I did nothing but play videogames in high school so I'm sure you'll be fine.
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Addiction is bad for the brain... But in moderation video games can be helpful. They can teach history, motifs, and story-telling. Video games are a form of art.

You cannot be good at shooting games at a high level without situational awareness and strategy. It promotes decision making and can actually help you build soft skills.

For example - I played Halo 3 online... this game promotes team-work and communication. The objective was to WIN. This It turned a meek child into a confident individual.

People's parents said reading books will rot your brain. There will always be that one thing

Just don't use video games as a form of escapism from the real world. DONT neglect your personal life and you will be fine. Game on.

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There is a misunderstanding of video games. The media or as i should say the older generation that don't understand what video games are or about the gaming community like to blame video games for everything. If someone does something bad and they are known to play video games the media attacks the gaming community calling it dangerous and blaming it for other people's actions.

With that being said there has been a negative image created around gaming. With a little bit of research you can find that video games do more good than bad. Yea there are cases of people being addicted to them but that is something some people grow out of using myself as an example i was addicted to playing video games. I barely slept and would spend 11 hours a day as a teenager playing non stop. Now that i am in my 20s i don't really find myself playing video games for longer than 2-5 hours a day.

Video games have also been reported to help those that suffer from depression and other mental illnesses. A simple google search can help you find the articles with the statistics covering this topic. Also make sure its a scholarly source for this i recommend using google scholars.
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I think playing video games have helped me become a brighter and better thinker over the years.
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