MilestoneHappy 9 year birthday to mePosted:

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Which means I was only 13 years old when i made this account, learning how to mod my gamertag and find free 10th lobbies to join on mw2!

I would've never thought I'd get to see the changes of TTG and experience the differences the gaming community has been through from all these years. TTG made most come together to share simular interests I had as a younger kid back then and i've made a lot of friends doing so while being here.

I will be giving away my old RGH in a separate post after I get permission from the mods to do so, when I do I'll link it in this post. ;)

Thank you everyone for making this community so awesome and thank you for making me feel welcomed here for all these years.

-Hope everyone has a wonderful day, CTV

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happy 9 years man! congrats on being here so long
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Congratulations on 9 years pal!
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You're old lol jk. But congratulations on 9 years! That's quite an accomplishment. Keep it up and you will soon be at 10!
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Congrats bro! Big achievement
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Congrats on 9 years man that's a crazy achivment
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Congratulations on 9 years!!!
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Congratulations on becoming a 9 year member, hope to see you hit the big 10!
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Congrats my guy! Soon be at the big 10!
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happy 9th
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