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Alright guys I have a iPhone 7 which is locked with a password which I do not remember at all.

The iPhone has very sentimental images etc within it, and I need access too it.

What software could I use for (MAC) as I don't think using iTunes works for a pass-code locked iPhone?

Any help appreciated, TTG is my last resort!
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im in the similar boat with you, except im trying to do it to my android, When i was looking i came across this software called fone dr. or something like that. It said it could remove pattern locks for android but would remove all data so i didnt do it, but it did say that it could remove iphone lock screens. im not sure if it will delete all the data on it or not but it may be worth looking into
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For your iPhone on Mac iPhone iCloud lock bypass
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I had the same problem when I replaced the screen, They asked for my password.

I downloaded this software that bypasses the lock screen. However, I had to format it before hand. I simply downloaded my back up afterwards.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the name of the software as it might seem malicious.
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