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I wanna go to Dave and busters I've never been. Is it worth going it's a few hours from me and wanna know if its worth the drive

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I looked it up and it seems to be a out of country thing (I am Canadian)
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We have a Dave and Buster's 30 minutes away, tried it a couple of times it's fun. But for a 3 hour ride it's not worth it in my opinion.
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I find it to be a little pricey, but it's a lot of fun if you're willing/able to do some drinking(A light buzz for me). Friends are nice to have when you go, too. I go probably once a year, but I'm not a public kind of person in general.
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in my opinion for a 3 hours drive not worth its plus over priced games.I think theres certain days and times it cheaper though
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I mean it is pretty far but it's a fun place if you really want to go try it and see for yourself I always have a blast when I'm there!
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We dont have those in Canada but I am interested in going at least once to see what the hypes about.
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I went a couple of times a while back, always had fun but as everyone said it's pretty pricey. If you're going to go you might as well go all out and get a game pass which is going to be a extra 30$ or something like that. I remember playing guitar hero 3 a ton when i went
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It's alright kinda pricey. But good time.
My buddy told me about this bar in Chicago like Dave and busters but the games are free I'd like to check it out some time
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Not Worth It , To Have Fun You Going To Need 100 Or More For Just The Games & More Money For Food .
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