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Do you believe things happen for a reason?

I think sometimes it can be happens at the right time they say.
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I personally do believe that things happen for a reason! Like this have to build up for things to happen! Lol don't know if that made any sense at all but in my head it does
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Yes, and you have a whole life time to figure out why.
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I would like to say yes but I kinda just go with the flow
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Whatever happens, happens. Just lay back and let life happen.
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To a certain degree, i think you be can the reason a lot of things happen but I don't necessarily think just because something happens to you then it's because another reason such as karma.
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Yes, always have done and always will.
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Most defiantly
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Honestly sometimes mistakes happen and it can come with a lot regret, but what happens, happens and you have to keep chugging and pushing along.
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as my mom always says life is extremely short and things do happen for a reason good or bad.
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