AdviceWhats better... AMD or Intel?Posted:

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I know i can get more bang for my buck with AMD but are they really that worth it? ive been intel all the way through my PC times. But looking in to building a new build and thinking that AMD is the better way to go around it
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AMD's Ryzen chipsets have done very well recently. Both in price and performance. I would consider getting on for my next build, depending on the use of it(Mine is gaming). Though, that is another 3-4 years away, as my current build has an i9-9900K in it.
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Ah this old chestnut again...

There is no best, it's all dependant on needs. If money is no object and you need the absolute best performance then chances are Intel will win, but this isn't the case for many people. So it all comes down to you, if you need the best performance but you're on a budget, AMD will definitely win that argument.

In turn, they both will do the same thing it's just finding the perfect one for your needs and your price point.
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