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Any recommendations re spec for an upgradable PC so that I could:
a) lower cost initially - and can run Xplane 11 in an ok fashion (dial some settings down), then
b) once MSFS 2020 comes out upgrade it to get good performance.

I guess I'm perhaps asking is it possible to get something like an i5 CPU/motherboard now, then in say 9 months do something like:
a) increase RAM
b) go from basic graphics card upto an expensive one
c) upgrade from i5 to i7 perhaps (not sure of the equivalent in AMD)

If yes, any specific CPU and motherboard recommendations?

Another way of asking re $$ might be say a way to spend say around $1000 now, but later inject another $1000 or so to upgrade for MSFS2020? (just making up figures roughly hey)
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