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Hey guys,

I have a small question as the title suggests. However theres more to it. Normally speaking I would choose the radeon without doubt, seeing as it performs better for around the same price.

However, in my local shop theres a sale for the geforce asus rog strix, which is I believe quite a good version. Now the geforce is 50 off, and I can buy it for 220 euros, which is way cheaper than most radeon 5700 xt version. Does it however make up for the difference in performance?

For info, the build I wanna make is around 1000 euros.

Hope you can help!
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What games do you play?

2060 runs CSGO 7% or so faster however games such as GTA V, Overwatch, PUBG and Fortnite run around 10% faster on the 5700XT. If buying the 2060 saves you money, buy it you dont lose any noticeable performance. Or wait for a few months when Nvidia and AMD release the new GPUs then see how things look on the market. Your Choice.

- dotZip
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