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So ive gained a lot of weight over the christmas mainly on my torso region. when i was getting some protein powder for the gym i asked what the fat burners were and they said its pills that target fat in the stomach area so that got me intrigued, i was in a rush to leave so didnt have time to ask about it. Ive been thinking about it and researching and it has good results. has anyone here ever try fat burners, are they worth it? effective?
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To be honest, it really depends on you. I've never tried any but I know that some only work with certain people. I would just suggest doing it naturally; start a diet and workout
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Fat burners? Way to skinny for that. I wish some times I can put on weight
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Ninja wroteFat burners? Way to skinny for that. I wish some times I can put on weight

Just keep working out. Use creatine for water weight and eat a specific diet.
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I've used some but dont any more, I've seen that they're a waste of money really, like they dont really have much benefit, they do a little bit of work but not much.

They just increase your body temperature so your body is fighting against it to cool you down so you burn more calories, somthing like that anything.
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Most are a scam or just some sort of laxative that helps you loose weight temporary.

Try eating less or burn more calories then you eat
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I started taking Stacker 2 back in 2002. It was amazing. I had no hunger, it burned away all my fat and left muscle. I looked like a million bucks and had energy for days. I took it for three years until it was banned because a couple of athletes died. I haven't found anything like it before or since.
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Honestly its a waste of money buying pills m8, just check your diet and workout 5 times a week.
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It's impossible to spot reduce fat ~(target area's for fat loss).

Fat burners can be helpful if you use the correct ones that actually have the required dosages for the compounds to be effective.

Majority of over the counter fat burners dont work if they have ingredients like "green tea extract" in them along with many others don't waste your money.

All fat burners to is just increase your metabolic rate by anywhere between 5-20% which is nothing in the larger picture, for example running on a treadmill without fat burners you'll burn 100 calories with an effective fat burner and for the same distance and time on the treadmill it would be 125 calories.

If your fat burner is stimulant based all its simply doing is increasing your heart rate, which in turn elevates your metabolism slightly so your daily calorie expenditure is increased.

So to wrap it up fat burners will be pointless unless you've corrected your diet and watching your caloric intake, use cardio/exercise as a tool to burn calories before turning to supplements/drugs.
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