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Welcome to our shop, been around for a long time. Been modding since 2002. We make great and professional products for our customers. Worked on plenty of projects in modding community world wide. I will list plenty of proof so you can see, But I do not like answering common sense questions so i will have a Q&A section i would like you to read before you ask. I know it sounds kind of ignorant, but reading will get you along way.


Q: Will you add games to my hard drive?

Q: Whats included on my hard drive?
A: Aurora Dashboard.- Dash Launch v3.219.- Xex Menu 1.2.- XM360

Q: When will i get my console?
A: We ship in 3-5 business days.

Q: Do you count Sunday as a business day?
A: NO.

Q: What accessories are included?
A: Power Supply, HDMI or HDAV cable, Controller and of course the Console.

Q: Will you add an XBLS server to my hard drive?
A: Yes. (If requested)

Q: Do you guarantee your consoles?
A: Yes, 90 Days If seals are not tampered with.

Q: How do i contact you?
A: Private Message on TTG

Q: How do i pay?
A: PM Me

Q: Will you help me once i get my console?
A: Yes, but i will not spoon feed you.

Q: How much is shipping?

Q: Do you do this often?
A: EVERYDAY! With well over 4,000 consoles sold on various websites and platforms.

Q: Is the RGH community dead?
A: No, there are plenty of us left and a lot of old timers are coming back to the community.


Console Stock ( I'm Never out)

All consoles include HDD (250GB), PSU, Controller, HDMI or HDAV cable and shipping. My prices may be higher than others but mine include everything even shipping, after you add everyone's cost in they are higher.

Xbox 360 Slim RGH $200

Xbox 360 Slim E RGH $215

Xbox 360 Jaspher RGH $175

Services (Return shipping included)

RGH Install - $45 -$60 Depending on console model.

Jtag Install - $45

Unbrick Your console - $45

I do not offer any of my other services on TTG so please do not ask or say "i know you offer this or this". Because on TTG i do not and i do not condone piracy. THANKS

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Nice Post
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Personally imo the prices are a bit hefty as other sellers are letting them go for $120 for everything you need, good luck with sells though
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UWishIWazHostin wroteNice Post

Thank You

Boulton wrotePersonally imo the prices are a bit hefty as other sellers are letting them go for $120 for everything you need, good luck with sells though

Thanks for the feedback, but im cheaper than 90% of people other than private sellers.
The cheapest i see consoles in "shops" in USA are for $120 with no accessories and no sipping included. The cheapest i see consoles in UK and elsewhere are 120 pound ($155.46) no accessories or shipping.
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Good luck with sales!
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Good luck with sales, I was thinking about getting back into the RGH modding community.
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Good luck with sales. Wish you the best of luck on TTG.
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Prices are fair. A lot of. Console modders do this for a income
Cost of materials have gone up and service fees for send in is a good price shipping cost has gone up a lot since I first started. Good luck with sales.

I am coming back to the console scene myself. Just because I miss making them and having satisfied customers is number 1.

Nice set up you have there
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Very nice shop, going to have to contact you in a couple weeks.
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This guy is a notorious scammer

Should i post the proof?
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