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The XFL this season honestly isn't a disappointment like last season. The interviews are a bit much and the kickoffs are unique but who doesn't love a 99yd kickoff return lol. I also like how the extra points are given. The players seem to be much better this season since they're literally trying to kill each other from the hits I seen.

Also another thing I love is the QB rules no more flags for doing your job on defense and that's destroying the QB.

What are y'all thoughts on this league? Do you have a favorite team yet?
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I honestly haven't been watching or paying much attention to it but i love how this season there seems to be a lot more talk about it!
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I have watched a few clips on youtube and it does seem a lot more intense then the NFL but I haven't picked a favorite team yet.
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I've only watched a quarters worth over a couple games, but I do enjoy what I am seeing. The names and jerseys are very low tiered though and I don't enjoy that. But it's cool too see familiar college players playing again.

I'm not a fan of the no-fair catch as it just is pretty much let this guy get demolished every time they should do what the CFL does and give that punt-returner a 5 yard radius so he can actually move instead of just getting hit right away. The 1/2/3 point convert is exciting and a good way to bring you back into the game.
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XFL has been very enjoyable so far. Can't wait to see where it goes!!
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One of my buddies that I went to College with was the guy who bit the top off the seltzer and then drank it. Dude is a beast.
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I havent heard of XFL but i will look into it
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