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Hello everyone, I have been around for a long while. Years infact. Unfortunately I lost my other account which was full of posts/reputation and whatever else. So Id like to re introduce myself again.

Also do people still do giveaways of gold, would love to enter because gold would be amazing right now!

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Hang around in the shoutbox or check out the Forums/f=4/offtopic-discussion.html forum theres 2/3 going on. I just gave like 10 gifts away in the shoutbox haha.
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Hey man welcome back, like Bribe said hang out in those areas and you'll see some giveaways
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Hey, if you remember your accounts username (E-mail would also be great), a member of staff will be able to help you out & potentially get you back up and running on your original account.

Message any of these guys in the link below.

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Welcome back pal!
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Welcome back mate I'm pure you can get it back if you know the email man. I would ask the staff to give you a hand bro
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Welcome back dude!
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Genovese wroteWelcome back dude!

Thanks man, much appreciated! I hope to see you around!
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Welcome back!
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Glad you made a return, I hope that the staff can get your old account back.
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