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Not entirely sure when this one happened

On a real note this is one of the few badges i thought wold always been unattainable. Same with PCMR recently as well. Not really good with the ending stuff. Thanks to the horrid drone pilot and bet winner; as well as the many others I've chatted with across the site throughout the years.

oh yea and sean the furry-lord

honorable humblebrag: i beat mortar in an arcade game.

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wow great job man

grats on rated awesome
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hell yeah man! congrats!
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Rated awesome is a dope badge. I never thought I'd have any badges outside of gold member back in the day, but turns out I'm a senior *pushs up glasses*
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The powerhouse of the cell.
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Congratulations my man!
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Congratulations to you my man, well deserved!
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Congratulations, looks very clean
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congrats! hopefully i get one in the future!
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Your username still gives me the giggles to this day.

congratulations on the nice badge, bud.

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