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TheFakeMrSneaky wroteSo what happens after a 14 day non essential quarantine ends? I live in Minnesota and on Friday is the two week mark. I assume maybe the governor comes back out? I've been fortunate enough to continue working during this and my wife is a nurse so she won't get any breaks. A neighboring business in my town shuts down I think tomorrow for two weeks, it's a decent sized factory with over 400 employees.

I've got two things here where in one hand I want to go home so I don't bring this disease to my 8 month old son... But on the other hand I don't think it's smart to stop working right now because what happens at the end of their two weeks? The factory takes an additional two weeks off? Forever and ever until this gets better? I don't think it's smart. Unless we all shut down and nobody goes anywhere. And don't get me wrong I go to work and straight home and clean up I'm not out partying so I'm not against shut downs.

I even have a bunch of guys that work in my area that all called in now all last week and I assume until Friday this week due to the self quarantine thing and now what happens Monday next week? They just come back and waste all that PTO makes no sense to me..

I don't think anything will result in an ideal situation at the moment :/
I live in the UK and while the lockdown is impossibly boring it's a viable solution; every non essential business has been closed and workers paid 80% salary by government with the workplaces choice to pay the extra 20%. I just think if governments back the people more rather than worrying about the economic fallout it would be a lot more under control.

I feel for your situation man, i hope everything gets better for you and props to your wife being a frontline worker
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