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Do you think the age to purchase alcohol should be increased or decreased. My opinion is it should be decreased to 18. At 18 your legally considered an adult and can make your own choices. If you can sign a contract with the government to put your life on the line (military) you should be able to make a decision to buy alcohol for personal consumption. I've heard that your brain isn't fully developed until your 21 and that's why the age limit is 21, if it's not fully developed then you shouldn't be considered an adult until your 21. Also, saying that kids will be able to get alcohol more easier could be another excuse, but I know where I grew up if a kid wanted to get some alcohol theres usually a way around that and the age limit didn't matter as we all had our hookup somewhere. Let me know your opinions and why.
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No, recently tobacco was raised to 21 alcohol will stay 21.

Also your brain isn't fully developed until you're 25 at least that's the common answer I believe.
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The legal age to drink is 18 here in the UK. You see many, many underage drinkers because there's a lot of house parties and such where the parents will just buy the kids a few drinks, or their friends will.

I don't see any issue with the age limit being lowered to 18 in the USA. It seems incredibly stupid to me that you can make decisions, like you said, where you can apply to put your LIFE ON THE LINE but no consume an alcoholic drink.

Personally, I see the legal limit as just a deterrence more than anything else. People that age won't be able to buy the drinks but they will get their hands on it somehow; whether through parents buying it, friends buying it, stealing from their parents liquor cabinet, or however - it WILL happen.

That being said, alcohol can be incredibly dangerous for people that are not going to drink it sensibly; a bunch of peer-pressured teens are only a few stops away from causing harm to themselves or others.

I don't think the age limit is inherently wrong, but at the end of the day at 18 you are an adult, you most likely are working (or going off to university) and you should be able to handle the responsibility yourself. If you don't, you will be the one who suffers.
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In my opinion, if you can go to war and fight for your country at 18; than you should be able to enjoy a beer at 18.
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Should be increased. Most people in the states can't even drive sober. More or less with a few beers in their system. It doesn't take much to become an irresponsible driver. If you lower the limit to 18, you can expect a huge increase of Alcohol related accidents / deaths in the USA. Saying 18 years old = becoming an adult is an overstatement. 18 year olds are still very irresponsible. Not saying all of them, but if you let them get into alcohol....
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Big up the UK even though us guys were drinking at 13 at house parties, makes us the men we are
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My opinion it should be raised, I'm in the UK and 18 is to young.
They go on about drugs are bad but I think that alcohol is one of the worst ones out there, it's one of the biggest killers.
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Here in the US its 21 to drink and as of a couple months ago they have also changed the use of tobacco to 21 too unless you are in the military. I think 21 is a great age for both of them. I drank alot before I was 21 and when I turned 21 my alcohol intake has decreased a lot.
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I truly believe that 21 is a good age. People always use the military as a excuse and honestly i seen some great soldiers underage drink and do something dumb. How ever everybody is going to have a back door to get it, i just think it should be done responsible and somewhere safe.
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I think it should stay the same. The brain actually develops different from person to person but the average is 25 years old. I believe that if you gave an 18 year old the right to purchase alcohol then the number of DUI's would increase. I see a lot of DUI's daily from work and there's a lot more than what you probably think. Just my take on it.
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