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Just bought my first car after getting a job I saved for a car and my insurance so I'm happy with myself it's a 06 Golf TSI sport it's not much but it's mine just wanted to share
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Nice one mate, well deserved. Things are much nicer when you work hard to achieve them
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Congratulations on buying your first car, that sure is a great feeling!
Hard work really pays off and I'm glad you're so proud of yourself, because you should be!
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Congratulations just got my new car recently as well, hope you enjoy it and take well care of it!
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Thanks guys appreciate it all
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Always a great feeling when you are able to purchase something completely on your own. Congratulations on the new ride!
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Congrats on the car my friend and welcome to the vDub gang brother. If you have any questions feel free to message me. I have an 07 GTI.

Also post some pictures and show it off!
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keep grinding your dreams are in reach!
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Awesome hard work always pays off!
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Hard work pays off bro!

It ain't gotta be flashy ect, it still gets you from a to b
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