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Hi there. I am building a PC for my sons Christmas and haven't built one for about 20 years - lots has changed!!

My main question is regarding the B450 MSI Tomahawk Max, RGB Headers, and MSI Mystic Light - hoping someone on here can help!!

So from the motherboard manual it says that I can attach 5050 12v RGB Strips to the RGB headers and these will be controlled through MSI Mystic light. I completely get that.

My question are
1) what if I wanted to attach RGB fans to the RGB headers instead. Is that possible without blowing out the headers? Are there any compatible fans out there (meaning they would be controlled through MSI mystic light presumably)

2) if I can't do above can I install non RGB ie LED one colour fans using the RGB headers or do I simply plug them into the fan headers alone? (Meaning they wouldn't be controlled at all)

I am just looking for the best option for LED fans really.

My case is the NZXT 510

Many thanks for any responses.
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