Which Pizza Do You Prefer?

Pizza Hut
8.93% (5 votes)
32.14% (18 votes)
Papa John's
14.29% (8 votes)
Little Caesars
10.71% (6 votes)
Local Joint
26.79% (15 votes)
Frozen Pizza
1.79% (1 vote)
5.36% (3 votes)

Total Votes: 56

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if you say little caesars, you're just wrong

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Local place!

Mod Pizza would be my favorite chain
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Obv the local joint
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Pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars is good if you add Louisiana Hot Sauce.

Try it and then come back.

Other than that, local joint.
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local, but if I want some quick pizza it's pizza hut
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Dude my local town is FILLED with pizza places. Biggest name is Pizza hut and they fricking suck. Our local family pizza places are the best. This one place has the best chicken speedie pizza I've ever eaten.
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Dominoes hands down
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Fast food is probably dominos but local pizza is always better
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Medium pan pizza...
Nothing beats it

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