Xbox OneXbox one constant lag on any connections any idea ?? Fix ??Posted:

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My internet at uni is fast I get 38MBPS and about 20UP

I know it's not insane but at my home I get about 17 download and 8 up

And my hot spot is about the same

They all lag... Nat type is open on them alI

My Xbox seems to lag on every internet I use... I've cleared my data thing blue ray

Power saving on

Any other idea guys? It's literally ruining my games I can't ply any
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It could be the Wireless card inside your xbox that is going faulty, i had one like this where the signal kept disconnecting randomly. I changed the wireless card and it was as good as new.

You can get a new wireless card for a few pound/dollars from ebay, and its not hard to change you only need to remove the plastic casing from your console the remove 2 screws and then just unplug the wireless card and plug your new one in.
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