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Im back after a short time away.

"All Time High" - back in March/April of this year.

Quite a few of you may remember me from the crazy month we had back in March/April in the shout box. I gifted 300 members with gold at random and had some fantastic times with a lot of members on this site as well as members of staff.

I suddenly left the community without really saying why, and I'm sorry for doing this to such a great community. I am really happy to say that I have a family of my own now and had to make the decision to take time away from TTG to spend time with my family.

I hope those that remember me or will get to know me, understand why I had to go on temporary vacation from TTG.

I am still the same person, just look at life in a different way.
I have a family to look after now and to look forward to seeing everyday after work so, I wont be on TTG everyday but I will try to visit and talk to you guys everyday.

To the return of XC!
Time to hunt down some badges

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welcome back legend ;)
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Welcome back dude and no worries about leaving or being inactive for awhile family comes first.

See you in the shoutbox as usual.

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