MilestoneHit a new high! 1,100 gifts of gold. (1,255 total)Posted:

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You're welcome TeeTeeGee.

Here's to many more in the future :pogchamp:

See you all 1st Dec

The Following 10 Users Say Thank You to Jay For This Useful Post:

Nagisa (11-29-2019), dj (11-29-2019), oHusky (11-29-2019), Adam (11-29-2019), -Deano (11-29-2019), Federation (11-29-2019), James (11-29-2019), Xbox (11-28-2019), Tom (11-28-2019), Craig (11-28-2019)
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Maddest of all mad men...

GG phatty
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Thats nuts, fair play to you!
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Barcode boy much love Jay hopefully you won't have as many cold days on them roofs this Dec.
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Grats jay I'm curious what the 1st of december will hold
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Congrats on 1100 gifts
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congrats on spending even more money you crazy bastard
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You're insane jay! Thanks for always giving back man idk why or how you do it but I mean.. YOURE INSANE!!!
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You're a LIAR, but congratulations.
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Congratulations on all the gold you have donated to the community and awesome to see you back on top of that loser Mikey.

Thanks for all that you have contributed.

See you in December when you give me the winter 2019 badge
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