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hey all im back

I was here around 5/6 years ago , I had about 150 rep and a good status

sadly family issues occurred

laptop went everything went

now im back and ready to re start my TTG journey its changed a lot but dammmmn it looks sweet asf

imma be about posts doing fifa give aways etc etc over weeks

back when I was here it was that long ago I was hosting modded halo 3 lobbies and COD WAW moddes zombies ages ago man

anyway im back

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Glad to see you make a return, you can also go to "ask the staff" forum and see if you can get access to your old account again.
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Welcome back hope you get your old account back nothing worse than losing all your stuff
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Welcome back bro, the old name rings a bell you should defo try get it back!
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Welcome back to this great website
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  • Halloween!
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Welcome back bud!

Contact the staff about your old account and they'll help you out
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Welcome back and yeah, those were the good ol times
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Welcome back
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  • Christmas!
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welcome back g
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thanks guys appreciate the love right now!!

and to be honesy it was 4 years ago i was im old f**k now 25

i cant properly remeber my name, ill restart no worries!

any way you guys that replied...add me up!

random but what you guys do then? in general

im 25, love footy, got a united season ticket.. man utd that is!!! and I work 6 days a week as an electrician

anyway speak soon gsss
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