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Winner and Answer:

In honor of another Shouterday being upon us, the Wizard badge is once again up for grabs! Come hang out in The Shoutbox , to talk about the contest, or anything really.

The rules are simple, the first person to PM me with the answer, and the steps taken to find it , will be crowned the newest Wizard.

Given to you below are a number of clues, there are also a few hints built into the contest. The rest is up to you.

    1. If you've ran out of ideas, try running some more.
    2. If you're having trouble moving forward, try working backwards until you better understand things.
    3 .Success isn't a linear path, you may encounter successes differently than another contestant.
    4. Don't get caught looking ahead, or you'll miss where you're at.

Hint #1: Forums/p=40363149.html#40363149

I now send you out on your very own journey to Wizardry, best of luck friend!

Thanks to Dil for green-lighting this, go thank your favorite admin

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Do I stand a chance ?
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looked at it for a few minutes and already gave up haha goodluck to whoever wins.

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Not my strong point these so I'm gonna pass on it lol
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Should be fun
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I've been here for 2 hours and all I've done is run backwards into a wall
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after further analysis, im pretty sure im retarded
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This is the 3rd wizard contest I've ever seen & I still have no clue wtf you're on about.
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