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Hey guys, I have a problem with the download speed on my desktop specifically.

I pay for 200Mbps download and usually receive anywhere from 180Mbps up to 250Mbps on all my devices (Desktop, Laptop, Xbox One X, TV, smartphones). Now I moved my gaming desk with the Xbox and Desktop to the other side of the room, this forced me to have to now use Wifi for both those devices as opposed to it being hard wired like they were previously. I didn't think this would be an issue because after I moved my desk, the router is only about 10 feet away, I've also never had Wifi speed issues with anything else, or anywhere else in my place. Now here's the issue. My Xbox One X actually gets a consistently better download speed while on Wifi with just a bit worse ping. My Desktop only receives 15Mbps sometimes up to 40Mbps, but rarely. The ping and upload speed are perfectly fine, they are the same as they were when the Desktop was hard wired. I'll list the things I've done below.

    Windows Up To Date with 1909
    Reset Network settings
    Updated/Uninstalled/Reinstalled Network Drivers
    Downloaded Drivers From Manufacturer
    Updated Router Firmware
    Checked Device Priority List In Router Settings

Within my router settings, looking at the connected device list, it shows all devices have full signal except the desktop which shows 2/4 bars.

Please Help!
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