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Why is SBMM in modern warfare?
I don't understand why SBMM is in modern warfare when no one likes it and they know that?
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Yea last time it was in cod everyone complains
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They thought it would be better for new players.

But in reality we are being thrown into lobbies that connection isn't a priority(with my experience)

Ever since reaching max, disregarding ground war all i go against is only high level people with the highest ping(now getting shot around walls way more often due to lag)

imo its killing the game

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SBMM stands for Skill-Based Match Making

SBMM put you in games with players with similar skill which leads to players with higher KD having to try hard every game because they get put in games with others with higher KD. SBMM has killed a CoD before and may kill this one too if they dont take it out.

As someone who has above average skill on CoD I dont want to feel like im playing game battles every match. Sometimes I just want to jump on CoD and mess around and not take the game serious.
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I still feel like it's server based honestly. I've been in plenty lobbies with people from my state because I can tell by their clan tags or Activision ID's. If it is skill based it seems broken, I can finish in first place some matches with 4+ kd then the very next match finish with negative KD.
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