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Have you ever won anything?

One time I won a pair of concert tickets.
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99% of TTG: I Wish

Me: I Wish
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$200 gift card ina basketball tournament
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I won my school raffle in year 10
I also hosted my school raffle in year 10
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Shoutbox Gift of Gold
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I won a skateboard deck, a few shirts, and a bunch of other stuff like stickers and sunglasses from an old skateboard company!
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I've won small things here and there like gift cards and such but the biggest items I've won funnily enough are guns from my local gun stores.

Model 629-6 (6 inch barrel) 44 magnum. Won that in September 2018, was valued at 1,199, probably around $800-900 by now. Honestly haven't fired it that much because I've never really been a big fan of revolvers so I basically have it just to have at this point.

Polish AK-47. (I know I know, barrel is pointed at me when taking the picture.) Won this last week, need to wait the 10 day period before collecting it since I live in Commiefornia. Supposedly valued at 2,299 but I question that because the serial number has English letters on the upper receiver, which makes me believe it was either imported to America and then built/re-done or it's Polish and American parts on it. Thankfully it's not one of those garbage WASR AK's and every other serial/marking on it is in Polish and/or using Cyrillic, just the receiver makes me question it's total value. Year 1983 which is really nice as it's before the stupid 1994 Clinton ban so it's grandfathered in, but the the shop still needed to slap on that fin tail on the grip which is annoying as hell.
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all my TTG gold, not given a penny to the website lmao.

2 years worth of gold for free.
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I won the race to the egg, unfortunately.
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I won a 25$ gift card for doing a Christmas scavenger hunt.
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